2023 Summer program starts on July 8

COOOL Research Internship Prep


  • Explain and examine Islamic and scientific research methodologies
  • Develop a research proposal on selected topics of interest
  • Apply scientific research tools and techniques for a prototype/framework development of project
  • Present the research proposal to avail the opportunity to conduct paid summer Research internship

Focus Areas


  • Successful completion of the Data Analysis-based Research Internship prep
  • a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Good command in online collaboration
  • Demonstrated community service and interest in community affairs
  • Submission of a viable research project proposal with detailed plan

Sample Research conducted in the past

  • 1.      “The Muslim Youth Identity Crisis: Achievement and Identity” -Researched on ways to solve this identity crisis and bring the youth closer to their communities.
  • 2. “The Leadership pipeline in American Muslim Organizations” – Proposed a streamlined education and training to create continuous influx of leaders
  • 3. “Re-Branding Islamic Services” – Proposed ways to improve benefits of Islamic services offered by Masajids by re-branding techniques.
  • 4.      “Quran Analytics” –  Used Data analysis techniques to demonstrate  evidences of universal appeal of Quran
  • 5.      “MAHA: Make America Heal Again” – Designed ways to track Refugee needs and Coordinate Services
  • Mental Health
  • Detecting fake