Research Internship Opportunity

High school students will have an exposure to, how scientific research proposal is written and how the actual research work is performed. In addition they will be familiarized with the Islamic research  principles. Students who will successfully complete the 7-day Summer program, will have an opportunity to submit proposals for a paid research internship.  Selection of the proposals will be made based on the a) merit/quality of the proposal, b) Relevance (Islamic and community etc.) , c) Interest/commitment to complete, and d) urgency to make use of the effort. Selected students will then be able to  form  teams to  carry out the collaborative research. A final presentation is also expected at the completion of the internship.

Here are some example projects, the students will be introduced to, but keep in mind that the list will evolve based on the available mentors and student feedback.

  • Comparison and contrast of the models of cybersecurity and human behavior. How do threat vulnerability, and risks manifest in each system? Explore the commonalities/differences.
  • Statistical/Textual Analysis of linguistic features of Quran.
  • Masajid Financial Tracker: Analysis of fundraising and revenue statistics, as well as disbursement statistics in terms of diversification and waqf efforts.
  • Track and Serve: A system to track refugee families in US and connect them with relevant services
  • Digital Detective Project– analyzing our life online; Forensic investigation of  our posted image, video, documents in social media.
  • Multimedia development for ISLAMIC clicks ( for safe, secure, and productive online experience)
  • Building a tool for Charting College Admission Preparation
  • A fake news filter
  • Towards building a Spiritual Health Assessment Tool

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