Coool Niche

Our goal is to foster the exploratory and preparatory skillsets in High school and Middle school students in their preparation for College and Career:

  • Critical Thinking – Through early exposure to research internship projects
  • Problem Solving – Through identifying and solving real-life problems
  • College Readiness – Through College Admission tips, roundtable with Professionals, AP test workshops, and SAT preparation
  • Cyber Smartness – Through facilitating a producer-centric role in the internet as opposed to consumer-centric; equipping with cybersecurity and cyberdetective solutions and safe and secure online practices
  • Collaboration Skills – Through group projects, team participation in the Computer Science  competition (ACSL); peer mentoring (High school mentoring Middle school etc.)

Our Approach includes:

  • Dhikr-Fikr Integration– Integration of the Book of Revelation and the book of nature
  • Confidence Instilling
  • Character Building

Our resources include:

  • STEM professionals, teachers, and College Students as instructors
  • Blended curriculum of Islamic and Scientific coverage
  • Passionate minds to see the students succeed