Program Objectives

High School  Goal:  Move yourself Ahead in the race for College and Career      

Students inshaAllah are expected to be able to
  • Explain and examine Islamic and scientific research methodologies
  • Apply Data Science & Analysis tools to present research outcomes; Get ready for Research internship
  • Apply digital Forensics tools for Cybersecurity & defense
  • Augment College Readiness with SAT strategies, College Admission Tips, and roundtable with professionals
  • Learn essential leadership and advocacy skills to steer your College and Career plan and
  • Have a lots of  COOOL fun

Middle School  Goal: Build your own cyberworld

Students inshaAllah are expected to be able to
  • Learn Computer Science through Competition—Prepare for American Computer Science League (
  • Build and Maintain Web sites/media using html/css, Javascripts
  • Learn Technical & Islamic solutions for Safety, Security, and Privacy
  • Develop web application and multimedia products and
  • Have a lots of  COOOL fun

There will be Gym/Outside activity everyday.