Learn Computer through Competition

This summer program will prepare the Middle schoolers for the American Computer Science League (www.acsl.org) competition. Learn the basics of how computer understands and processes information– Number system, Boolean Logic, Bit operations, Digital Electronics, Coding flow etc. in a fun way.

Be a producer in the internet, not only a consumer

Most of the clicks we make, are as a consumer passively enjoying the goodies of the internet. How about playing the role of an active producer? Learn how to build your own cyberworld, have control over your internet surfing, configure your browsers, social networks. Learn html/CSS, Javascript, Web, Computer Science Basics, Cybersecurity, cybersafety, programming………

Blend Islamic and Scientific concepts into action

This short but intensive summer program is based on a balanced blend of Islamic and Scientific aspects. High school research project introduces both the Islamic Research principles and Scientific methodologies. The safety and security aspects of our cyber-life will be  taught from both Islamic and technical perspectives.

Ignite your critical thinking faculty

Critical thinking capability is extremely critical in making the best use of the amazing resources the Creator has given us. Tadabbar (Reflection, getting the hidden meaning), Tafakkar (Thoughts), Ta’aqqal (Intellectual exercise), Tazakkar (Reminding), Tahsaba (Ponder) are some of the faculties Allah SWT is challenging us to use in Quran.  Application of scientific and systemetic methodologies is the cornerstone of human progress. This modality of learning is very often ignored or not-so-emphasized in our school curriculum. This Summer program will help you learn the scientific and Islamic research methodologies.